Columns update

Hi guys, the year has been rolling by super fast and I’m stilling banging out columns every fortnight.

I’m surprised to say that my piece about female fantasy writers turned out to be one of my most popular. By Twitter standards, anyway. The piece is called ‘High fantasy writers who aren’t George RR Martin, and who are also women’. Allow me a moment to #humblebrag and say I was totally stoked that Kate Forsyth actually read this piece and thanked me!

I continued this theme last week and wrote about British and European crime drama, because no-one else ever does, and its obviously the best TV genre that ever existed. (Apart from Doctor Who and Buffy, which may not be genres in themselves, but probably should be). Read my piece on The Tunnel and The Bridge here.

I’ve also had lots of fun writing about Mariah, Lea Michele, American Pickers, mobile phone games, and Eurovision.

More to come, amigos. Peace out.


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