I’m a Melbourne-based freelance writer and I like writing essays about pop culture, feminism, literature, television and the American West. I was the 2014 pop culture columnist at Killings, the Kill Your Darlings blog and some of my favourite things include Cormac McCarthy, coffee, Buffy, Texas, make-up, and my cat Bluff.

I’m currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Melbourne about masculinity in Cormac McCarthy’s fiction. I completed my Masters in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh, and my BA (Hons) and the University of Melbourne and the University of Humboldt, Berlin.

This blog mostly contains reviews of Australian fiction written by women, though sometimes I’ll just write about any old thing that’s on my mind, which is usually some sort of crime TV show.


Also: apart from book covers and photos I’ve credited, all pics are taken by moi. Please don’t use without permission.


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