End of year good tymz

post-itSome exciting things have happened lately! Namely, Going Down Swinging re-posted one of my Killings columns, about Angie Hart AND THEN ANGIE HART RETWEETED THE PIECE, THANKED ME AND THEN FAVOURITED ANOTHER TWEET ABOUT IT WHICH MADE ME VERY HAPPY.

Also I started reviewing for the Readings Monthy, which is cool coz I get to read new books before they’re released, including John M Coetzee’s biography.

Of course, I’m still publishing too much about Beyonce and pop-music. This was the funnest one to write all year. And I don’t plan on stopping!

ALSO though I have wrapped up work as Killings Columnist I’m still doing some writing for them – xmas piece up here!

Merry Xmas and everything okbye!


One thought on “End of year good tymz

  1. Awesome! Congratulations.

    Lovely to re-meet briefly recently and I’m thrilled that you reviewed Coetzee’s biography – I loved ‘Disgrace’. P.s. who knew that he’s now an Australian citizen and lives in Adelaide?! I didn’t…

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