2014 Emerging Writers’ Fest – Pop Culture Panel

TEW-Cover-shotI’m thrilled to say I’m appearing at the Emerging Writers’ Festival again this year! I’m participating in ‘Pop Topics’, a panel discussion on popular culture. It’s part of the main conference section of the festival (the National Writers’ Conference) and should be loads of fun, especially for me, since I’ll be able to publicly proclaim the merits of genre fiction and pop music. Tix are $45/$55 – expensive, but you get access to all the conference events that day (list here). The festival has a great program with stacks of incredible Aussie writers.

If you want to come along, please do, and support emerging writers in Australia! Here are the details:

“I have come here to chew bubblegum and talk about pop culture. And I’m all out of bubblegum!” What is it about pop culture that inspires us? These writers are no snobs and take the power of pop as serious as can be. Featuring Patrick Lenton, Julia Tulloh Harper and James Robert Douglas.

‘Pop Topics’ at the National Writers’ Conference

2pm, Sunday 1st June

Yarra Room, Melbourne Town Hall

Bookings online

Recent Columns

The year is up and running and I’m having lots of fun writing pop culture columns for Kill Your Darlings. My favourite ones to write were about cats and BuzzFeed. Here’s a little peek…

From ‘BuzzFeed Quizzes Understand Me’:

If you use social media regularly – Facebook, in particular – you’ll have completed a BuzzFeed quiz during the past month. Don’t deny it. Even if you didn’t share your results online, deep down you’re still feeling smug because the ‘What Should You Actually Eat For Lunch?’ quiz confirmed that eating ice cream was, in fact, an appropriate meal for your personality type. Or because you’re most similar to 1980s Batman (as opposed to all the other Batmans).

From ‘Cats are Popular and Always Have Been’:

The online cat photo is now officially more popular than the selfie, The Telegraph reported two weeks ago. According to research undertaken by the Three network, 3.8 million cat photos or videos are shared each day by British web users, compared with only 1.4 million selfies. This is unsurprising – whether you like cats or not, it’s likely your Facebook feed is inundated by Lolcats or videos of large cats squeezing themselves into fishbowls at any given time.

So far, I’ve also written about Justin Timberlake, and girl bands, and Justin Bieber going to jail. Next week I’m writing about my fave reality TV show.




I’m stoked to announce that Kill Your Darlings journal have taken me on board as their Pop Culture columnist for 2014. This means I’ll be writing short pieces for their blog each fortnight, and my first one was published today – it’s a review of Beyoncé’s new visual album, which she sprung upon fans before Christmas. You can read it here.

I’ve also had a couple of reviews published in Zadok Perspectives, a Christian social issues journal – one review was of three feminist books from last year (Destroying the Joint, Anna Krien’s Night Games, and Women and Power from the Griffith Review) and the other review was of Tim Winton’s Eyrie.