2 cool things.

1. Kill Your Darlings Issue #10 got a write-up in last weekend’s papers, and my Del Rey article got a mention! Read about it here.

2. My latest Killings column was published a few weeks ago – an interview with Helen Hughes, co-editor of the totally rad new contemporary art journal, Discipline. Hughes told me all about how the journal started and why it’s so special (it is, you should read it). Interview here.

Kill Your Darlings – Issue 10

My article on Lana Del Rey, “Lana or Lizzie? Vintage Videos and the Del Rey Debate” is in Issue 10 of Kill Your Darlings, which comes out today! The issue also features amazo writers like Gideon Haigh.

Read part of my article here! Support Australian writing and buy the mag at Readings and other bookshops around Australia or buy/subscribe here!